Sustainability – Going Green

Social Responsibility of Businesses


Having understood the very need of protecting our mother nature from adverse environmental impacts, We are committed to contribute its part in all possible ways not limited to Energy conservation, Waste minimisation and pollution prevention.

Providing a clean and safe work environment is one among the primary objective of its environment policy whilst producing products in compliance with  industrial and governmental norms.

We also ensures all legal statutory requirements for environmental protection are met and defines yearly targets and programs to achieve the objectives.



Santa Maria has successfully implemented the following measures to prevent or reduce pollution.

  • A member of the Leather Working Group (LWG) as a Gold Rated Tanner.
  • An authorised member of IWMA for solid waste management and disposal.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant to treat the dye water and reduce the pollution.
  • Reverse Osmosis system to reduce the pollutants further and to convert the water for reuse.
  • Solar Evaporation pond to achieve zero liquid discharge.
  • Our next sustainability Goal is to maintain Gold rating in Leather Working Group & develop more Sustainable leathers.